Daria Pieper

Founder & CEO
Driving the team to better results

➣ Launched Trendt because I wanted to build the agency partner I always wished I had when I was in corporate marketing roles and building my own businesses
➣ Over 10 years of international experience in Digital Marketing. I have built my own brand WhyShy on various social media platforms where I reached millions of people (100k followers)
➣ Gained experience in Business development, Marketing strategy and planning, Creative strategy and planning, Art direction, Consulting on creative options, Executions and production (i.e. Photography, Digital/Video Production)
➣ I'm mission-driven. At my core is being fair, authentic, and making sure that I create and contribute to an environment where people can work hard and have fun
➣ I like to be inspired by the people, brands, companies, and causes I work for. In turn, I like to inspire others to achieve something bigger and better than what they can do alone
➣ PhD Candidate in Economics at the Saint Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics

Reach out to me in Russian, English, Spanish or German!


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