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How advertising can raise profits of haircare business

How advertising can raise profits of haircare business

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Famous haircare company mentioned on Vogue, Bazaar, Tatler was looking for ways to drive users to book appointments with them by expanding their digital marketing efforts outside of strategies that only utilised retargeting tactics. The solution was to launch several campaigns broken out by geolocation that targeted every step of the marketing funnel. Focused on lowering their CPA and increasing their RoAS goal, we used top-of-funnel strategies such as video ads, with third-party data targeting, to build brand awareness with in-market consumers. These strategies tied with lower-funnel tactics, such as retargeting and household extension audiences, helped drive consumers to purchase.

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Chop Chop
Chop Chop

The Challenge

It can be difficult to choose a hair salon. Chop-Chop aimed to make the decision easier by offering high-quality hair care services in an inclusive environment. The Chop-Chop brand stood out from other salons by emphasizing its friendly customer service, but it also wanted to make sure that its branding resonated with potential customers.

We faced a variety of challenges, not the least of which was timing. It was during the height of the pandemic that people were afraid to go to salons. We had to come up with an ultra creative approach to attract current and new customers to our venues.

Our Solution

Trendt developed a holistic go-to-market strategy for the brand, incorporating a website audit and development, comprehensive media plan, and creative content to support the campaign. As the brand continued to gain traction and grow, we remained a nimble partner. We drew insight from digital media performance and suggested additional programs for the brand, from digital campaigns to product positioning. The overall campaign achieved an 75% video completion rate, which was 30% higher than the target goal.
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Zip codes have been identified and saturated for salon locations. For a limited time, we used a high-visibility solution with an aggressive offer.

Content creation

A viral ad campaign using custom-created banners generated 500k impressions, leveraging the brand's audience segments to reach key audiences.

Web development

In order to achieve our client's goals, we had to make some changes to their website that improved the user experience.


We have conducted a thorough analysis of our client's competition and advised them on growth-oriented marketing tactics.
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