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We love building meaningful connections with our clients. So, during the first call, we would like to get to know each other, share our core values, goals, challenges and opportunities. We are happy to get to know you better

Project scope

You fill in 5 minutes questionnaire and experts with a combined 10 years of experience in marketing analyse your brand. We provide a Free and non-binding brand and social media analysis and strategy deck

Project launch

Based on the data from our marketing analysis, we establish a goal for how we want to get your business results. We conceive innovative solutions using cutting-edge technology that can transform your business

How we can help your business?

Trendt is a revolutionary digital agency, staying on trends, fully capable digitally without giving up the brains behind the big picture strategy. We are able to digitally disrupt your business model and transform your customer experience using Trendt processes & industry knowledge. We provide the expertise to rapidly address your product or service challenges. We work in partnership with you to drive your product strategy and move your business forward at pace.
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Upgrade your brands experience visually

We will develop brands by creating strategic brand experiences that customers love...
An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets
What we do
- Market research
- Competitor analysis
- Customer analysis
- Brand positioning
- Brand architecture
- Tagline
- Naming
- Key Messaging
- Visual identity
- Brand launch
- Re-branding
Social Marketing & PR

Start converting new customers everyday

We use data and insights to help brands discover & tell their best stories...
Social Marketing helps you to decide which people to work with, what behaviour to influence, how to go about influencing this behaviour and, finally, how to measure if you have been successful or not

What we do
- Strategy and Insights
- Creative campaigns
- Social Media Marketing
- In-house content creation
- Reputation management
- Media amplification
- Influencer marketing
- Digital advertising

Define and reach your goals with a plan

We combine cutting edge marketing and data sciences with traditional performance analytics.
Our analytics team is comprised of storytellers, detectives, and activists, tasked with surfacing the most relevant and important stories told by the numbers, creating actionable insights that give brands the competitive edge
What we do
- Free marketing audit upon request
- Media Mix Modeling
- Attribution Modeling
- Customer Segmentation
- Behavioral Modeling
- A/B Test Design
- Multivariate Test Design

- Ad Effectiveness
- Persona Development
- Brand Loyalty
- Brand Satisfaction
- Brand Exploration
- Concept Testing
- Path-to-Purchase Analysis

Web Development - New

Create websites that your customers love

We help you navigate the complexities of designing, building, scaling your business...
We bring 10+ years of practice to help you create service design experiences that customers applaud. In a connected world, we build websites, web applications, and interactive environments that supply world-class user experiences to consumers globally
What we do
- System Architecture Design
- Full- stack development
- 3rd Party Integrations
Performance Optimisation
- Wordpress development
- Shopify development
- Webflow development

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