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How we helped a K-beauty brand to illuminate the power of skincare

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Russian women have an endless amount of beauty options. However, with a little primary research, Trendt learned one very important thing about the Russian female: while she is interested in beauty, she is not a slave to trends and will choose treatments that fit her type of skin and make her feel happy. This presented the perfect opportunity for Myadelline, a K-Beauty marketplace known for its wide selection of K-beauty products. They wanted to break into Russian. market and hired Trendt to better understand the Russian women’s beauty shopper and revitalize the way they were spending their marketing dollars – moving from catalogs to custom connections.

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"Trendt have always been proactive and dedicated. They exceed their commitment and helped me achieve 10x growth..."
Dayoon Yoon

The Challenge

It all started over two years ago when we were asked to help Myadelline, K-beauty marketplace, to enter the Russian market. Most 18-30 year old women in Russia are aware of K-beauty products, but they don’t know Myadelline marketplace well enough to advocate for them or have the time to try them unless recommended

Our Solution

To help Myadelline achieve the social success they were looking for, we needed to do something that would fit the needs of Russian market. Led by a progressive PR campaign, declared by the global Myadelline head offices in Los Angeles & Seul as 'best practice', the work we produce for Myadelline spans advertising creative, graphic design and digital marketing. The campaign has too many highlights than we have space to mention, but from promoting customer purchases in Russian magazines and blogs all the way to redesigning and rebranding their website, offering Russian customers all they need to make an informed choice, it is a collaborative relationship which delivers again and again.
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Brand strategy

Defined target persona, brand message & visual representation in Russian market. Across Instagram, Facebook and Vkontakte, we archived any previous posts and reskinned all profile pictures and bios to Myadelline branding. To establish brand consistency, we provided strategic consultation on creative best practices.

Content creation

Researching detailed briefs and ensuring the client is onboard for something that in turn challenges the audience yet stays on brief is key. Great videos and photos, graphics, superb typography and the magic of print, combine to provide the client with materials that underline its messaging while in many cases exceeding expectations.

PR & Influencer Marketing

By prioritising content creation and content ownership, we were able to extend the longevity of influencer partnerships and increase ROI for Myadelline and collection launch. To launch the brand we activated our database of more than 10k influencers.


We developed a media approach that would maximize overall return by diversifying and leveraging various campaign optimization tools. From static, video, carousel, and collection posts, we placed a variety of creative formats within a winning combination of conversion campaigns, lead generation campaigns, and dynamic marketing campaigns.
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