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Luis Huber International


Munich, Germany

Luis Huber

Branding and marketing for luxury beauty brand

Bespoke marketing for a luxury beauty brand

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With a communications plan produced and all marketing collateral updated to reflect the new brand, a full through-the-line campaign was rolled out across online advertising, PR activity, socials, events and a new website. Our curated social engagement editorial calendar helps the brand meet them where they are – on their terms. By participating in an authentic two-way conversation and supplementing it with compelling content, we maintain relevance and reinforce brand equity drivers.

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Luis Huber
Luis Huber International

The Challenge

Working from the ground up, we went through an extensive assessment of the market and Luis Huber positioning, conducting an in-depth customer and prospects survey. Harnessing the brands' strengths – expertise, design, quality and the power of personal branding – we developed a confident video-led identity for the brand alongside a launch campaign focused on Luis Huber industry knowledge. With this solid foundation, a comprehensive marketing strategy was planned and rolled out using the new creative.

Our Solution

Trendt developed a comprehensive media plan that included programmatic, branded content, podcasts, and dynamic retargeting, with the goal of sustaining engagement with both prospective and existing customers through sequential messaging. We prioritized content and storytelling as a medium for women to engage with the brand and reinforce the brand's strong voice and unique point of view.
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A new brand identity and awareness campaign was created. Bold, engaging and confident and instantly recognisable, Luis Huber Signature was born again – a word play on the product itself and the end result achieved

Integrated marketing

Launching a new luxury brand powered by personal branding is challenging. Our first assignment dug into the insights and nuances of what makes a LH customer. What do they believe? What do they value? Who do they influence? This laid the groundwork for how we go to market and define a resonating voice and tone within the content.


Because Luis Huber wanted to serve a particular mission, anything that looked or felt like a traditional beauty brand was to be avoided. This meant we had to develop a new visual language that felt elegant, premium, sophisticated and scientifically advanced.

Influencer marketing

Trendt partnered up with lifestyle content creators from Germany to create images and videos that both engaged their audience and raised awareness of the Luis Huber Signature line. To accomplish this, we activated our database of influencers and celebrebrities.
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